My Biography

OceanStar Insurance Services, LLC  OceanStar Insurance Services, LLC

I started the Insurance business in 1995, and worked for 15 years for Survival Insurance Brokerage. I was the companies TOP agent for many years. My achievements and education allowed me to excel in all aspects of Insurance relations.

For those that already have known and worked with me know my personal dedication to my craft. I have made purchasing and servicing Insurance 'FUN' and 'EASY'. My personal loyalty to my customers and affiliates are paramount to my long and short term goals. The refferals and long term relationships afforded to me have allowed me to sucessfully open our newest venture. Without you and my cherished affiliates I would not have sucessfully opened my dream "OceanStar Insurance Services"

It is my belief that Insurance holds apprehension and confusion for the consumer and even the lamen. My product knowledge and Industry knowledge keeps "YOU" safe and in the hands of a trusted professional. It is my sincere belief that having me and OceanStar Insurance take care of you and yours is the best decision you can make for today and tomorrow.

OceanStar Insurance Services, LLC  OceanStar Insurance Services, LLC  OceanStar Insurance Services, LLC

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